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Public Talk: Rites of Passage and Return

On October-1-2022 I am giving a public talk on artistic production and/as cultural memory at the ACT Arts Centre (Maple Ridge), in connection with their exhibition Labour and Memory: Ukrainian-Canadian Contexts.

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Event: Nomadic Cosmologies: Conversation with Alisi Telengut

How can animation explore nomadic and indigenous cosmologies?

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News: SCMS Award for Best Essay

I’m stunned and grateful to receive the 2022 SCMS award for best essay in an edited collection. My colleague Perrin Grauer published a lovely profile of the essay and the award here. The published essay, devoted to a feminist history of film editing, owes much to my editors James Leo Cahill and Joshua Malitsky, as well as the staff of RGALI and Muzei Kino archives in Moscow.

Talk: SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community

On May-27-2022 I had a chance to present the Rear-Window Cinema project at a curated speaker series organized by the Digital Arts Community extension of SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques). The theme of this particular edition was “Expanded and Experimental Animation.”

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Workshop Event: Alternative Grading

On May-12-2022, I co-chaired the following workshop with Malini Guha (Carleton University). The workshop included presentations by Sue Shon (Emily Carr University of Art + Design) and Benjamin Woo (Carleton University). Click continue for more details.

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Book Event: How to Talk About Movement

On February-4-2022 I’ll be moderating a virtual book conversation with Jordan Schonig, author of the book The Shape of Motion: Cinema and the Aesthetics of Movement (2022), and Ryan Pierson, author of the book Figure and Force in Animation Aesthetics (2019). Click on “Continue” for description.

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Conference Talk: “The Animated Line: Performing and Generating Movement in Early Animation”

For the 2013 Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) conference, I organized a panel devoted to the technique of generating movement in animation. It seems obvious that animation is particularly preoccupied with creating movement, and that animators develop different techniques (or strategies) to “make things move.” But what kinds of movement are chosen or emphasized in the animation process? And how do different kinds of filmmaking techniques influence the range and qualities of movement that are animated on the screen? The panel included four talks that considered the role of mechanical and electronic models movement in the history of animation, focusing on case studies that spanned early film, classical drawn animation, and early computer animation traditions. That talk was later published as an article.

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Film Screening: “Defining Experimental Animation” (16mm film)

The 2013 Society of Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) annual conference took place in Chicago, and as an active member of the society’s Animated-Media Special Interest Group, I volunteered to organize our group’s annual conference event. The result was a wonderful night of watching and talking about experimental animated films — some familiar and beloved, others less-known but equally remarkable. Continue reading “Film Screening: “Defining Experimental Animation” (16mm film)”

Workshop: “Writing the Academic Cover Letter”

As a writing genre, the academic cover letter is surrounded by too much mystery, and it elicits unmerited levels of anxiety. Since we’re talking about academic writing in general, that’s saying something. As part of my fellowship at Northwestern University’s Graduate Writing Place, I developed a professionalization workshop on the dreaded “job letter,” geared specifically toward students in my department of media studies. Continue reading “Workshop: “Writing the Academic Cover Letter””

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