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Teaching: last day of “Analyzing Media Texts”

(December 12, 2012). Today was my final day of teaching the foundation course “Analyzing Media Texts” at Northwestern University’s School of Continuing Studies. This was my first time working with returning and mature students, and it was very rewarding to have a classroom with such a range of life experiences and an open-minded approach to the diverse films we watched. My personal highlight was our field trip, which took place during the week we studied documentary cinema. I’ve never tried to do a field trip for a film analysis class before. We watched Chasing Ice at the Music Box theatre, with the additional challenge of taking notes during a public screening. Then we went to a cafe to talk about how the film used formal techniques to show the long-term impact of climate change.

Image above is from Chasing Ice (2012), directed by Jeff Orlowski

Workshop: Writing about Audiovisual and Ephemeral Objects

What’s the best way to describe colours? How do colours get their names? The above example is from Abraham Werner’s 1821 “Nomenclature of Colours”.

(November 8, 2012) Today I ran a workshop on “Writing about Audiovisual and Ephemeral Objects” for graduate students at Northwestern University. The workshop focused on strategies that scholars can use in note-taking, describing, and writing about objects that are often inaccessible after one viewing. We also looked at different ways of making ephemeral objects come alive in the mind of the reader, who may never get a chance to see them at all.  Continue reading “Workshop: Writing about Audiovisual and Ephemeral Objects”

Research: Visiting the Len Lye Archive, New Plymouth

A photograph of just a few of Len Lye’s animation stencils held at the archive.

(September 12, 2012) Today was my last day of research at the Len Lye Archive, maintained by the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Len Lye’s ideas about the role of “kinaesthetic empathy” in art-making profoundly shaped how I think about the history of animation. As a Visiting Researcher at the archive, I got to study the documents and working tools of this pioneering experimental animator.

Continue reading “Research: Visiting the Len Lye Archive, New Plymouth”

New Website, In Progress

June 30, 2016: I finally have time to migrate my website from an overpriced (and poorly managed) web builder to WordPress. This is just a temporary page (and template) up until I gradually move all of my previous posts and update new items.

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