How can animation explore nomadic and indigenous cosmologies?

This event features artist Alisi Telengut, who uses under-the-camera animation and arts-based material research to explore Eurasian indigenous histories and animist cosmologies. The event will include virtual screenings of Telengut’s films The Fourfold (2020) and Nutag-Homeland (2016), as well as glimpses of her current work-in-progress on Lake Baikal and the indigenous Buryat people of Siberia. Animation scholar Alla Gadassik (ECUAD) and cultural anthropologist Alexia Bloch (UBC) will respond to Telengut’s work by reflecting on how ethnographic and arts-based methods can contribute to understanding place and belonging. This event is sponsored by the Animate Materials Workshop and the UBC Center for European Studies.

Registration page for the event is here:

Featured image is from Alisi Telengut’s film The Fourfold (2020), used with artist’s permission.