I’ve been following the Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival (GIRAF) remotely for years, but it wasn’t until they went online during the pandemic that I got to experience their wonderful programming and community feel. This year, I was giddy to be a guest curator and judge with the festival. During the festival, I presented a special programme devoted to animating graphite that came out of the Animate Materials Workshop.

Cameron Kletke, who was part of the first cohort of student research-creation assistants in the workshop, premiered her wonderful graphite-collaboration You Feel Soft (2022) as part of the programme. The jury deliberations were thoughtful and amicable. It was such a treat to be in the same space with other people so passionate about independent and artisanal animation. Festival award winners and our jury notes can be found here: https://www.giraffest.ca/2022-award-winners.

Festival poster in the featured image is the work of artist Kade Masterson.